Nut ‘N Gluten is a specialty food store that specializes in gluten free and nut free products. As we have discovered with most of our customers, there are multiple allergies or intolerances that they need to contend with when shopping for food items.  With that information, we have continued to expand our product lines to include dairy free, egg free and soy free items as well as other allergen free foods.


As we ourselves enjoy food and understand the particular allergies and/or intolerances, we believe that even though there are special dietary requirements, great tasting healthy food should be readily available for all to enjoy. 


We offer a huge gluten free section and a large nut free section in our store.  You are able to find, breads, bagels, pizza, pastas, snack foods, cakes, bulk mixes, sauces, condiments, cereals, oatmeal, cookies, desserts and much more.  We are also able to offer special order cakes for any occasion that accommodate most allergens or intolerances.  


We are a family run business that truly understands the dietary restrictions that people live with, as the owner is a celiac with multiple allergies and intolerances.



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“I have a gluten sensitivity, and Nut 'N Gluten is the only place I shop for food!”

Nicole - Customer

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